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IFK Västerås Konståkningsklubb

Welcome to IFK Västerås Figure Skating Club!

From playfulness to advanced figure skating

We are a non-profit association in Västerås that offers qualified training for children and adults. We welcome everyone regardless of age, ambition and previous knowledge in our club.

Sign up!

Sign up by making a registration of interest on our booking page. New intakes are made (every autumn and spring) if there are available spots. 


Skating School

We develop basic skating skills through playful lessons. Our groups practice once a week, 10 times each semester. Autumn starts week 40 and spring starts week 2.

We will release the skating times for skating school  season 2024-2025 in august 2024. 


Skating sessions autumn 2024

Tuesday 16:00 (Child-Youth)

Thursday 20:00 (Teenage-Adult)

Sunday morning (Child-Youth)


Skate 2 times/week? Contact us at 


If there are available spots in our Skating School, spots are released every fall and spring. Sing up on the booking page. Spots are limited. 


Contact us at for more information.

Figure Skating Groups

Do you know the basics of skating and want to continue your journey towards becoming a figure skater? Make an interest registration to our figure skating groups on our booking page.


We develop basic skating skills through playful lessons.


Skaters practice in groups divided by age (and level): Figure Skating School is for children and training-skater (hobby) for teens and adults.  


Goal: Inspire joy and interest for figure skating. By learning to practice figure skating through play and movement we put the joy of skating at the center. It should be fun to learn figure skating! 


To participate you need the right equipment: Real figure skating skates, helmet and flexible clothes. 

Read more about equipment.


Content in practice: Figure skating is practiced through allround and alternating training both on and off ice. One of figure skatings most important cornerstones, off ice training is introduced to the skaters and it is mandatory to participate. Focus is on building the foundation for the good body control, strength, flexibility and understanding for the specific abilities a figure skater needs to develop. We also put a lot of focus on basic skating technique by completing the LEO-badges. The skaters are educated in knowledge about the jumps in figure skating, the basic spins and the element included in the competition test. After having completed the competition test you are allowed to practice without a helmet (with parents consent) and also eligible for competitions. 


You can choose to practice about 2-3 times a week. 


If you want to sign upp to figure skating, please contact us att or make an interest registration on our booking page. 


A member already?
Sign in, to find more information and tips that we provide for our members.

Competitive skating

Children, adolescent and adults with skills at to the competition level, who want to compete in figure skating can apply to participate in a competition group as a competitive skater.


Goal: Meaningful and healthy sporting development through training and competition activities that are individually adapted to the skaters needs, conditions and rate of development.


We have different groups depending on how the skater wish to train and compete and what level of development they are at.


Skaters that are on the competitive level and do not want to compete, we will find suitable training option as a training skater. The skater will practice in a group at the same level and age. 


Correct equipment is required to participate, check with the coach for individual recommendation.



We want to inform you that Swedish figure skating is on a journey of change, including the restructuring of test systems and competitions. The best way to stay up-to-date is to follow the information on the Swedish Figure Skating Associations website



Here you will find information about:

(information in Swedish, English papers will be provided during the season).

This is how to become a competitive skater! 
Competitions - this is how it works!
The assessment system
IFKs planned competition calendar



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You can order whenever you want. 


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